The Truth Behind Cold Email Marketing

June 04 13:29 2020
Why some marketers got fortune with cold emails while others got nothing but the pain

June 4, 2020 – Some people said cold email marketing doesn’t work. They show the proof that they had already sent to thousands of cold emails but ended with zero sales. At the same time, some people said cold email marketing does work and they also show some proofs which they sent to only hundreds of cold emails and they got some sales. Then who’s right?

Both of them were right. Because cold email marketing could work very well if done properly, and on the other side, it could also end with nothing but the pain if done the wrong way.

Alex Berman is one of the men who succeed in building serious internet marketing business with cold email marketing only. He then sold the business to Godaddy for $400,000. Another success story, Ryan Robinson generated over $120,000 a year for his freelance agency with cold emails only.

What made some people have such success while others got small to zero sales with the same method called cold email marketing?

There are two main reasons: First, their email list source. Most people get an email list by scraping Yellow Pages, generate a mass email database with Gmail list generator, YahooMail list generator, etc. The problem with this approach is the email list becomes too wide to market as they are not segmented in any criteria like interest, marital status, gender, etc.

The second reason, they failed in reaching their audiences’ Inbox. Most cold emails landed on the Spam folder or Promotions tab which nobody wants to look for. Even they have a very good skill in copywriting, their message never been read by their audience.

Smart marketers use a different source of email list. They use email extractor software to extract email database from the source that is perfectly matched their niche. The way they pick the audience is basically the same as what used by top marketers in premium Facebook Marketing classes like Commission Hero. They use interest-based audience which – in most cases – provides the best engagement rate.

For example, if they want to market a stop-smoking program, they will extract the Facebook Group of smokers. If they want to market a book of dog training, they will extract the Facebook Group of dog lovers. This way makes their audience are 100% matching their niche. Sending to this email list has probably 1000 times better conversion than blasting to anyone on Yellow Pages.

Smart marketers also use different strategies in reaching and communicating with their audience. They don’t sell anything at least for their first five emails. Instead, they start with building trust and relationships with their audience. They also use different techniques in maximizing the Inbox rate. They know the importance of keeping good IP reputation, SMTP, and bouncing rate.

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