Birds & Bees Co. Making Maternity More Comfortable With New Belly Brace

June 30 02:56 2020
Pregnant mothers can now give their belly and core comfortable support with an all-new belly brace designed specifically for pregnant women. Enjoy your pregnancy in comfort without sacrificing looks and style.

29 June, 2020 – Birds & Bees Co. is a brand started by a couple who understands the needs of motherhood and babyhood. They have one young boy with another on the way. They created a website which provides stylish, comfortable and easy to use apparel and accessories for expectant mothers and new mothers, and babies. The Company is offering the modern maternity belly brace in different colors and sizes to fit women’s maternity needs.

Birds & Bees Co. owners state, “Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life, but it comes with pain and discomfort too. To make this journey more comfortable, we decided to launch this product, the maternity belly brace, that supports the growing belly of pregnant mothers. It provides full core support, and relieves back and ligament pain. This product is available in different sizes that will accommodate expectant mother’s growing belly.”

The new belly brace offers built-in support for maximum comfort. Other prominent benefits of this product are the compression provided by the brace which keeps the belly supported while remaining breathable. The lift attachment creates an abdominal lift without exerting too much pressure.

This maternity belly brace functions as a breakthrough solution to relieve pregnant mothers of many of the aches and pains normally associated with pregnancy. It allows them to avoid the common pains that come with pregnancy, and lets them do what they need to do and remain active without too much discomfort throughout this beautiful journey of pregnancy.

About the Company

Birds & Bees Co. is an endeavor started by a husband and wife team who are passionate about the needs of pregnancy, motherhood, and babies. Their focus is to fulfill maternity needs by providing necessary apparel and accessories.

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