The Art of Perfect Pooping by George K is a book ‘made by dogses for humanses’

November 20 04:19 2020

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, but what goes on in the mind of our little friends with wagging tails. Is it thinking about food? (of course they are!) Why do they kick up grass behind them? What is their fascination with fire hydrants? No one really knows. This is why George Kataroyan has come up with this fun and exciting book called “The Art of Perfect Pooping!: A book made by dogses for humanses”, which narrates the story from the perspective of a dog named Hugo, for the humans. It is just as fun and entertaining as it sounds.  

Launched on November 2, 2020, “The Art of Perfect Pooping!: A book made by dogses for humanses” is written by the author George K especially for the children below the age of 13 years, but given the fun content of the book, even adults can go through it and have a good laugh with their friends and family. Like the title suggests, this book is from the perspective of a dog called Hugo, who shares fun dog secrets with the world and help people understand them better. It is written in a humorous way with amusing illustrations and funny thoughts that goes on in the head of a dog.

“The Art of Perfect Pooping!” is a perfect balance between facts and fiction. It also includes lesser-known facts about dogs that are interesting to know, like “A dog’s nose is unique like a person’s fingerprint”. The idea of this book popped in the mind of the author, George K, out of curiosity about what his dog, Hugo, must be thinking all the time. Apart from writing interesting books, George loves biking, swimming, soccer, and traveling. He also has an Instagram page for his favorite dog, Hugo, where he regularly posts his adventures and stories.

George describes Hugo as “Having inspired this book, Hugo is both cheeky and charming; stealing people’s hearts right before stealing their food.”

“The Art of Perfect Pooping!” is available in Paperback and consists of 48 pages is also available in:

French: L’art du Caca Parfait

Spanish: El Arte del Caca Perfecta

Italian: L’Arte della Cacca Prefetta

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for kids and dog lovers so be sure to pick up your copy!

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