Meckiss prebiotic balancing cleanser, building a new force of skin care with micro-ecological

January 13 18:17 2021

The new philosophy of skin care with micro-ecological technology shows more and more popular trend around female consumer. The so-called micro-ecological skin care is to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria which is rely on prebiotics and probiotics to regulate the balance of flora, so that to balance the skin micro-ecological, improve the condition of skin. The British brand- Meckiss prebiotic balancing cleanser is playing an important role around the product of micro-ecological skin care.

Is that true that the “prebiotic skin care” is effective?

The answer is “yes”, one will know it according to those famous brands. Like the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex, the SK-II Facial Treatment  Essence, and the Lancome Genifique youth activating concentration, those all adding with the probiotic fermentation ingredients. “Compared with the usual skin care, micro-ecological which starts from the deep of the skin, has the better effect. Meckiss brand hope that, more and more people get to know about the micro-ecological skin care by this product. Return to an ideal skin-condition.” Meckiss brand principal said that.

About Meckiss

Meckiss is a young and fashionable skin care brand from the UK. The brand pursues simplicity and effectiveness with an affordable prices. After cleansing oil and body lotion, combine the development concept of micro-ecological,Meckiss catered to the mainstream market rapidly. The facial cleanser will not  be the “surface effect” anymore and replace it is the saviors of those people who usually stay up late with dull-skin by this practice.

Meckiss prebiotics cleansing helping build a healthy skin

Meckiss prebiotic balancing cleanser not only meet the daily cleaning need,but also balancing the skin micro-ecology effectively, promoting skin cell renewal, eliminate inflammation, balancing the skin moisture and oil, thereby improving dryness, acne, blackheads and other skin problems. In addition, there isn’t other fragrance ingredients contained,so that also suitable for people those sensitive-skin. Even if it is used for a long time, it will not damage the your skin because of its’ Amino acid composition. It is comfortable to use with fine foam, and easy to rinse.

According to relevant data, the scale of the global probiotic cosmetics market represented by “probiotics and prebiotics” is expanded rapidly. It is predicted to reach 37.8 million US dollars in 2025, Meckiss have more chance  to get a new development。Constantly innovating and launching other eye-catching skin care products, everyone will wait and see!

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