Multi-dimensional analysis of the “black technology” of APHRODES Nourishing Rejuvenation Hair Mask

January 13 18:27 2021

For a hair mask which can prevent hair loss, there are some functions need to be followed at least: Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory´╝îbalance the scalp environment, less irritation to hair follicle, promote scalp blood circulation and contains certain active ingredients that promote hair growth. APHRODES takes one to multi-dimensional analysis of the “black technology” of its Nourishing Rejuvenation Hair Mask.

1. Probiotics, which can prevent harmful flora and restore micro-ecology of the scalp

The contain of probiotic ingredients in the APHRODES’ hair mask can prevent harmful flora before it growth. Balancing the water and oil from the deep of the skin. Removing the chemical residues deeply while nourish the scalp skin with a gently method to achieve a healthy scalp environment.

2. 20 kinds of compound Amino acids-multiple repair damaged hair

The compound amino-acids in this APHRODES hair mask are 80% similar to those in the skin. It is playing an significant role in maintaining moisture in the stratum corneum, while repairing the damaged skin, strengthen its barrier, deepen the hair and combine with keratin to close the hair scales,  achieve the effect of repair damaged hair and reduce hair moisture-loss.

3. Silk protein-Nourishing the hair in straightway

The ingredient of silk protein in APHRODES hair mask is rich in a variety of amino acids, which can supply nutrients to the hair from the inside with quickly trend, the hair is more elastic and shiny as a result of it.

4. Goat’s milk -Antioxidant-efficacy, which is the secret of eternal youth

Anti-aging is also important in daily hair-care. The goat milk in the APHRODES hair mask has anti-allergic and repairing effects, followed its selenium element that strongly protects the hair roots and cores, which can resist oxidation, anti-aging, and repair damaged hair.

5. Improve hair follicle problems-panthenol

In fact, the large areas of dandruff are problems inside the hair follicles, mites breed followed by hair breakage and dry hair problems. The addition of panthenol can promote the growth of keratin, improve hair follicles as well as maintain hair growth.

APHRODES already successfully launched Amino acid shampoo to help people to improve or solve the issues of loosing hair and oil control which received a lot of praise. The succeed of it mainly under an ensurance of product-safety, while provide a best improvement of hair quality. Now, let looking forward the praise from its hair mask!

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