YUTOECO and Multivac China reached strategic cooperation on eco-friendly fresh food packaging

July 23 16:19 2021

On July 22, 2021, the leading sustainable packaging solution provider in China, YUTOECO (Sub-brand of YUTO Tech, a leading provider of high-end brand packaging solutions in China), had reached strategic cooperation with the world’s leading packaging equipment and complete line supplier, Multivac. Vice president of YUTO TECH, Mr. Liu Zhongqing, and general manager of Multivac China, Mr. Jens Richter, formally signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.

The signing of this agreement not only marks that YUTOECO and Multivac have entered a new stage in cooperation, but also means YUTOECO will expand more applications in the packaging field, which enable YUTOECO to stay competitive in the fast-changing market situation, and lay a good foundation for developing more businesses.

As an integrated sustainable packaging solution provider, YUTOECO has strong design and R&D capabilities, and can provide the best eco-friendly packaging solutions for the fields of consumer electronics, food & catering, skincare & health care, etc.

In the future, YUTOECO and Multivac will make full use of each other’s technology and resources, actively promote the implementation of eco-friendly fresh food packaging projects, and promote these products representing plastic-reduction and plastic-free packaging trends to China together, even to the global market.


In addition, signing the strategic cooperation agreement between YUTOECO and Multivac will also significantly influence China’s fresh food packaging industry. As global plastic pollution becomes more serious, many countries have restricted the use of disposable plastic and non-biodegradable products. By the end of 2020, non-biodegradable disposable plastic straws must be banned nationwide in the catering industry; by the end of 2020, non-biodegradable disposable plastic tableware must be banned on restaurants in cities at or above the prefectural level; by the end of 2025, non-biodegradable disposable plastic tableware must be banned on catering services in built-up areas of counties; by the end of 2025, the consumption of non-biodegradable disposable plastic tableware in the takeaway industry in cities at or above the prefectural level must be reduced by 30%. The cooperation between YUTOECO and Multivac has set a good example for the effective implementation of the plastic ban, and it is also a good beginning to promote the sustainable development of eco-friendly fresh food packaging.

Furthermore, Jens and the CEO of YUTO Tech, Mr. Wang Huajun, discussed and exchanged views on two hot social topics: environmental pollution and plastic ban. Mr. Wang said that as the industry-leading company and the pioneer of sustainable packaging, YUTO Tech keeps up with the market and invests a lot on environmental protection, and expects to create more cutting-edge sustainable packaging solutions with Multivac in the future.

After the meeting, Jens visited the YUTOECO research institute, and showed his deep interest in the development situation of YUTOECO’s new materials and new technology, and his strong willingness to cooperate with YUTOECO.


YUTOECO is a corporate brand of YUTO Tech that focuses on environmentally friendly packaging and sustainable development. Focusing on the three key challenges facing us mankind: environment, climate and ocean, we continuously move forward on the research and development of ECO packaging and new sustainable materials. We provide clients with the best solutions in the field of eco-friendly packaging to realize the goal of creating a green life for everyone.

About YUTO Tech

Shenzhen YUTO Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. (YUTO Tech) was established in 2002, headquartered in Shenzhen, and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market (stock code: 002831) in 2016.

YUTO Tech is a leading provider of high-end brand packaging solutions, serving dozens of Fortune 500 customers and hundreds of high-end brands, specializing in consumer electronics, cosmetics, food, health, tobacco and other industries to provide competitive packaging products, solutions and services, and is committed to continuing to enhance brand value for customers.

YUTO Tech carries out collectivize management, as of March. 2021, has 72 subsidiaries, 7 branches and production bases in East China, South China, North China, Central China, Southwest China, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Thailand and established service centers in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and other regions to provide the global customers nearest service.

About Multivac

As one of the world’s leading packaging equipment and complete line suppliers, MULTIVAC focuses on providing customers with complete system solutions covering portioning, processing, labeling, printing, and testing. For decades, MULTIVAC has been popular with customers all over the world. This is not only due to Volkswagen’s affirmation of Germany’s cutting-edge manufacturing technology, but also to MULTIVAC’s highly sound knowledge of systems and production processes accumulated from an average of more than 1,000 customized projects every year. Relying on the belief in providing customers with the best solutions, MULTIVAC has made outstanding contributions to a higher level of investment security and reduction of enterprise costs.

The headquarters of MULTIVAC China is located in Shanghai, aims at providing close service to the customers in China Mainland, Hong Kong, and Mongolia. In 2019, the MULTIVAC Taicang factory came into operation, invested with high-tech machine center and Teflon workshop, which can produce customized die sets, repair and refurbish the heating plate as well as repair the Teflon coating, etc. The factory covers an area of about 4,300 square meters. With the opening of Taicang factory, MULTIVAC China is able to provide customers with more efficient solutions and services.

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