Calvin Collins’ Change the Narrative eBook Transforms the Readers’ Viewpoint on Everyday Aspects of Life

July 27 08:11 2021
A quick read that helps understand human behavior and how to lead a better life

Manhattan, NY – July 26, 2021 – Calvin Collins, a savvy New Yorker and author invites readers of Change The Narrative – A Note From Me to You to revisit their point of view on certain facets of life, relationships and experiences. Eventually, the life lessons presented in the book will steer the reader’s thought process, actions, and narratives to be more holistic and empathetic. The delightful eBook is available for purchase on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble’s, bookTopia, and BookBaby.

Hidden within the five chapters of Change The Narrative – A Note From Me to You is a map that guides readers through the labyrinth of human emotions and behavioral patterns that confuse even the most experienced scholars and philosophers. The first chapter of the eBook dives deep into the topic of perception. The eBook vividly portrays through timely examples from society, the power of having a solid perception, problems that arise due to the media skewing their audience’s perceptions for their benefit, and everyday issues that come up in relationships due to different perceptions of the two individuals. The discussion on valuing another individual’s feelings and standing up for one’s own rights and feelings is presented in the second chapter.

The third chapter of the eBook discusses the dilemma of transparency. Calvin Collins urges the reader to rethink the true meaning of being transparent Calvin Collins Narrates the differences between transparency and honesty. Chapter four illustrates the importance of identifying and annihilating the negative traits one possesses, which is commonly known as “baggage” to transform to be a better person in life. Finally, chapter five takes the reader through a journey that speaks about becoming the person one dreams to be. Change The Narrative is not a mere motivational book that provides a set of theories and rules that needs to be followed to succeed in life. It is a wake-up call that emphasizes the importance of challenging society’s perceptions and popular beliefs that prevents people from reaching their fullest potential.

To learn more details, and purchase the Change The Narrative eBook, visit its Amazon listing here.

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