Changing the World with Technology – Juan Xie, a Famous Expert in Intelligent Technology for Construction and Real Estate Development in China

July 27 10:21 2021

The future development of cities all over the world will move towards the development path of “green, environmental protection and intelligence”. In this process, the construction and renovation of residential buildings, public buildings, agricultural buildings and industrial buildings in each city are inseparable from the technical experts who escort the buildings. Construction and real estate development is a high-pressure industry, and this is even more obvious in China, which is known as the “infrastructure madman”. Ms. Juan Xie has become a leading figure in the highly skilled construction and real estate development industry, where there are many experts, because of some outstanding qualities: forward-looking strategic vision, wise and intelligent innovative thinking, boldness and calmness, the impetus to dream and fight, strategizing skill… She is calm, atmospheric and rational. Therefore, whoever meets Ms. Juan Xie will be attracted by her temperament.

There is no shortcut to success, and it cannot be achieved without hard work and professional accumulation. From grassroots staff to senior management, from technical specialist to R&D expert, Ms. Juan Xie is walking step by step on her dream career path of architecture. She has been brilliant for twenty years but still maintains her original intention. “Working hard gives me the possibility to touch my dreams, and unremitting persistence will make me reach my dreams”. Talking about her work attitude, Ms. Juan Xie eloquently said, “Only by maintaining a down-to-earth and professional mindset can we stay at the forefront of the construction and real estate development industry and create value scientifically and effectively.”

Green, energy-saving, and safety are the inevitable trends in the development of the construction industry, and the application of intelligent building technology is an essential way to help the construction industry achieve upgrades and changes. Advanced intelligent building technology can play a key role in improving real estate development, architectural design, building construction and building operation and maintenance, providing strong support for construction enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and playing a substantial role in the green and sound development of the construction industry. For this, Ms. Juan Xie, a well-known expert in intelligent technology for construction and real estate development in China, has a deep understanding.

Further, Ms. Juan Xie has always been sober and passionate about exploring and solving the key challenges in the development of the construction and real estate development industry. She never gets anxious in the face of difficulties, and even enjoys the process of thinking about problems, constantly exploring and solving them. A person’s habits will subconsciously affect the people and things around them. No matter how big or small things are, or how urgent the work is, Ms. Juan Xie strives to do her best, to convey positive energy, to give full play to her abilities, and to do valuable and meaningful things.

In the information society, people’s perception of buildings in the new era is constantly changing, and traditional real estate development and construction engineering services are far from being able to meet the requirements of modern living and working environments. Ms. Juan Xie deeply implements the concept of green development, conducts scientific research and development, tackles difficulties, and releases technical achievements that have positive significance in modernizing the construction industry, enhancing capital utilization, ensuring project quality, shortening the construction cycle, and reducing the emission of construction waste, which have created good economic and social benefits. Moreover, she has developed the Real Estate Project Investment and Development Intelligent Analysis System V1.0 that uses the convenience of artificial intelligence to help real estate companies reduce the length of pre-planning and increase the scientific nature of decision-making, thereby reducing the risk of investment and improving the scientific nature of project development. The Construction Engineering Cost Analysis System Based on Dynamic Data Mining V1.0 uses the advantages of blockchain technology and data mining technology to improve the efficiency of construction cost evaluation and increase the accuracy of construction cost evaluation; The Designing Expert System for Building Engineering V1.0, creatively integrates a variety of expert systems, and realizes the optimization of architectural design and construction method design; The Intelligent Building Safety Management System Based on Internet of Things and 5G Communication V1.0, based on technologies such as the Internet of Things and face recognition, continues to innovate building safety management and intelligent detection and diagnosis methods to ensure building safety. From development and budgeting to design and construction to building operation and maintenance, Ms. Juan Xie drives the whole cycle of change in the building industry through highly innovative intelligent technologies, meeting people’s requirements for building economy, safety, comfort, convenience and energy efficiency, and further promoting the high-quality development of the building and real estate development industry.

In the field of construction and real estate development, Ms. Juan Xie is a witness, a builder, and a leader. She has been committed to the research and development of new technologies, new materials, and new operating models. As a well-known expert in intelligent technology for construction and real estate development in China, she has the courage to take on the responsibility of outputting value and creating benefits with her works and achievements. Not only that, over the past twenty years, Ms. Xie has presided over more than one hundred large-scale engineering construction projects such as the renovation of Chengdu Hilton Hotel, and participated in more than one hundred large-scale engineering design projects such as Tencent-Chengdu Headquarters Building, and many of her technical achievements have been appraised as “internationally advanced or leading” by authoritative institutions. As a result, she has been widely praised by her peers at home and abroad.

Ms. Juan Xie can meet people’s imagination of ideal careers, is sensitive to observation, good at thinking, bold in action, and always maintains an extremely strong sense of responsibility and mission. As a lamp holder, she is at the forefront of the industry to explore, and she is more helpful to the younger generations in the industry. In the age of information technology, intelligent construction is a worldwide trend, which requires outstanding talents like Ms. Juan Xie who are innovative, practical, and able to turn their thoughts and ideas into use. As a leader in the development of the industry, Ms. Juan Xie will also continue to give full play to her creative thinking to light a beacon for the construction and real estate industry and change the world with the power of technology.

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