Exclusive Interview With Real Estate Investor, Roman Deas

July 27 11:40 2021
At a young age, Roman Deas is already poised to become a top real estate investor. Here’s his story!

Exclusive Interview With Real Estate Investor, Roman Deas

1. It’s a pleasure to share your story. How did you get to where you are today in your career?

Since I was much younger, I’ve always had a huge interest in becoming an entrepreneur and real estate investor, Initially, it was just a huge dream, then, I later decided it was time to make that dream my reality by using every resource I could find. I knew I needed help as I started making major steps. I was determined to get my business up and off the ground. I committed and followed through with all the hard work and a lot of dedication. I also had to educate myself on the ins and outs of real estate. I quickly learned the value of networking with a wide variety of people in business and real estate. 

2. In life and business, there’s always trials and tribulations. What kind of challenges have you experienced? What lessons have you learned from them?

While learning the keys to become a successful businessman, I’ve experienced a lot of trials and setbacks. Honestly, getting started is very difficult. I was overwhelmed with so much doubt. At this phase, it’s important to be surrounded by a great support system. Sometimes, we just have to buckle down and believe in ourselves. Nonetheless, with patience, determination, and stubbornness, I knew things would get better with time. The second setback I experienced was due to a lack of knowledge about the real estate business, Sounds like a big deal, but this was actually an easy problem to solve. As I continued to do unlimited research on real estate it became easier and easier to make moves with the more information I gained. Last, but not least, my loan broker, James Campbell, referred me to Ms.Taajah M. Phenezy, a great business consultant and mentor. She has helped me from beginning to end.

3. What advice would you give to someone who wants to get started in your industry?

 I would like to tell anyone who wants to get started in real estate to never give up on your dreams. Next, chase those dreams and turn them into small goals that will grow into the larger goals that you set. Always have a plan in place. If you can’t make a plan, hire someone to help you with your plan. You must be willing to invest in yourself. Learn the real estate market and don’t be afraid to take calculated risks. Ladies and Gentlemen, you must be willing to use all resources that are available to you. Some will tell you no. Others will tell you yes. Multiply the yeses. Continue to let those small goals grow gradually until you have reached your ultimate goal.

4. Many people have goals that they never pursue. What advice would you give someone to help them get started? 

I disagree that many people have goals that they don’t pursue. I firmly believe that those people have dreams. I don’t think that dreams and goals are synonymous. Dreams happen while you’re sleeping. Goals are what a conscious and awakened person pursues. To get started…you must simply overcome your fear and get started. Write your goals down and set timelines. Hold yourself accountable for your delays and failures and then pick yourself up and keep going!

5. How important is community outreach to you?

Community outreach is extremely important to me because it allows me to serve others while simultaneously growing my business. Community outreach impacts the real estate market significantly. Every community needs affordable housing. I created my nonprofit, Deas Properties, in order to better serve the citizens of my hometown, Sumter, South Carolina. Sumter is a very small town that has experienced a lot of growth within the last few years. As we continue to grow, it’s imperative that each and every citizen in our community has affordable housing. Within the next year, I plan to participate in making that happen. I’m very passionate about my community service. I’m humble enough to realize that without the support of Sumter, and the ups and downs I’ve experienced, I wouldn’t have made it this far.

6. What are some of your future business and personal goals?

My business goals are to expand state and nationwide. I’d also like to teach others who want to learn how to be a real estate investor. If I can help someone avoid all the mistakes I’ve made, I’ll be proud of myself. I’m an advocate for learning. The business of real estate can change within a blink of an eye. I plan to always be learning and using the information I’ve learned. I definitely want to increase my community outreach. We all have to do our part. Real estate is great, but I would also like to learn about other business opportunities! I was told that smart business people have multiple streams of income. I’m ready to multiply. Personally, I just want to balance my work and home life.

7. Roman, you’ve provided a lot of insight to help our audience. How can someone contact you?

I really do appreciate you sharing my story with your viewers. If anyone would like to contact me feel free to contact me at my office @ 1-866-229-8275 or my cell 803-795-5683. Let’s work!

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