Fortune 500 Company Builds a Global Village

July 27 11:53 2021

From a humble beginning in 1992, Yan Jiebe started his business with 120,000 Yuan (at today’s currency exchange rate, equivalent to US$18,000). In less than two decades, on 13th November 2011, the Head of the Yan family gave his 25 year old son, likely history’s most expensive wedding gift – the Chairman of the Board of China Pacific Construction Group (CPCG). That very special day was shared with US President Bill Clinton, and other international dignitaries that included Edmund Phelps, recipient of the 2006 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. And with the same entrepreneurial genes as his father, the newly wedded Chairman took only 3 more years to propel CPCG into the Fortune Global 500 Company list, and by 2020 it was ranked 75th most valuable corporation in the world.

US President Bill Clinton is wedding guest to CPCG Chairman Yan
Photographic Collection owned by CPCG

The happily married couple Yan Hao and Yan Xin will announced on 25th July, the division of CPCG into two separate operating companies. Yan Hao ownership of CPCG division will account for 60% of the total assets, while his wife’s newly named Susun Construction Group will take control of the remaining assets. All outstanding orders and market trades not taken on board the newly formed corporations, will be consolidated by the original founder into the third operating corporate entity Zhuangyan Group. The dilution of the assets from this corporate separation, will cause CPCG ranking in the Fortune Global 500 to drop significantly. However, it is envisaged that Susun Construction Group will itself climb back into the listing by August of next year, and Zhuangyan Group will become the family’s third listing into the top 500 ranking by 2030.

Three family corporations aiming for Global Fortune 500 status (left to right): Yan Xin head of Susun Construction Group, Yan Jiebe head of Zhuangyan Group, and Yan Hao head of CPCG
Photographic Collection owned by CPCG

The family owned conglomerates has invested US$15 billion into the construction of a Global Village that will be the eventual home of these 3 Global Fortune 500 corporations. It is also planned to be the permanent location for the Global Village Forum – The Fifth Huatuo CEO Forum for Global Political and Business Leaders. At the public announcement of this future vision of creating 3 globally ranking corporations headed by the Yan family, the fifth edition of New Confucian Analects – Philosophy in the Global Village will also be released publicly.

Global Village will be located in Caoyun Township in Huai’an City. To the east of this futuristic community is the Beijing-Hangzhou Great Canal, to the northern boundary runs the Huaihe River, and to its south is Yangzhou City.

Illustration of the futuristic Global Village
Photographic Collection owned by CPCG

Beginning constructions on the Global Village
Photographic Collection owned by CPCG


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