Beaverton Entomologist Creates First 100% Organic Pest Control and Yard Restoration Company

July 27 12:02 2021
Beaverton Entomologist Creates First 100% Organic Pest Control and Yard Restoration Company

Choosing pest control services is often challenging. There is a wide variety of pest control services that promise to eradicate pests from your home but most of them use non-selective chemical pesticides that are actually harmful to the environment and your health.

It is for this reason that Ryan Smith, a Beaverton-based entomologist and biochemist (Ph.D.), has created Ant & Garden Organic Pest Control, the first and only pest control and yard restoration service that is 100% organic, environment-friendly, and totally safe for your family and pets.

Ant & Garden Organic Pest Control only uses natural principles to stop ants and pests at their source while keeping homes and landscapes in Beaverton pest-free and vibrant.  What makes this company’s organic pest control services unique is the fact that Smith understands how chemical pesticides are not at all selective, meaning they kill both pest bugs and beneficial insects alike. With beneficial insects gone, there’s nothing left to stop pests from breeding back. Worse, some pest bugs develop resistance to chemical pesticides, making it harder to get rid of them in the long term.

On the other hand, organic pest control treatments employed by Ant & Garden target only the pest bugs and spare the beneficial insects. These beneficial insects protect both your home and garden, keeping your entire property vibrant and pest-free throughout the year.

In view of this very important aspect of organic pest control, Smith encourages clients to join him during inspections and pest cleaning sprees. He makes it a fun and educational experience, offering them valuable organic pest management guides, tips, and resourceful insights.

The main objective of Ant & Garden Organic Pest Control is to help Beaverton residents get rid of home and garden pests while keeping the entire family safe, pets included. The company has both the experience and expertise backed by sophisticated machinery and equipment to eliminate common critters like ants, spiders, rodents and garden pests using only 100% organic treatments. Ant & Garden also provides organic pest control services to licensed cannabis growers all over Oregon.

About the Company

Ant & Garden Organic Pest Control has over 20 years of experience providing year-round organic pest control solutions to homes and businesses in Beaverton, Portland and the surrounding areas. Check them out on Google Maps and the Ant & Garden Organic Pest Control website.

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