Innovative Services for Single-domain Antibody Library Construction

July 27 12:05 2021
Creative Biolabs, holding expertise in antibody development and engineering, has launched one-stop solutions for single-domain antibody library construction with cutting-edge technologies.

New York, USA – July 26, 2021 – Single-domain antibody (sdAb) is widely applied in biomedical and pharmaceutical studies because of its outstanding biological and therapeutic characteristics such as smaller molecule size, stability, and liability to recompose, which is the result of its special structure that composes only one variable domain of heavy chain. Creative Biolabs, as an expert in biotechnology, has high-end technical platforms that allow for sdAb discovery (sdAb library generation) and engineering, meanwhile launching one-stop solutions catering to clients with different study objectives, such as alpaca antibody.

“We have tailored services for the establishment of different sdAb library types,” according to a scientist in sdAb sector, “to meet different research targets.”

The sdAb library generation solution involves immune sdAb library, naïve sdAb library, and synthetic sdAb library.

Creative Biolabs helps obtain high-affinity and unique specificity sdAbs with the help of the libraries from immunized animals. Starting from immunization, the entire process of immune sdAb library construction will be operated by the scientists and completed in normally one or two months.

Naïve sdAb library could be employed when toxic or nonimmunogenic antigens are potentially used as immunogens or when immunization is not available somehow, which can be highly efficient in the generation of specific sdAbs against different types of antigens. The custom naïve sdAb library at Creative Biolabs is unique in that the sdAb gene repertoire used is generally composed of antibody fragments from natural, non-immunized, and healthy individuals.

The synthetic sdAb contributes to obtaining practical sdAbs against any specific target, especially when immunization is impracticable or when desired sdAbs are against a specific epitope of the antigen. Synthetic and semi-synthetic sdAb libraries are both available at Creative Biolabs to meet different demands.

With in-house platforms and professional scientists, Creative Biolabs has already developed single-domain antibody products for different research uses, such as therapeutic agents, diagnostic agents, and research tools, relative to the study on various diseases, diagnostic targets, and the evaluation of new drug candidates. Browse the website to learn more:

About the Company

Creative Biolabs has established one-stop discovery platforms that allow the discovery of novel sdAbs as research tools, therapeutic candidates, or diagnostic reagents, which cover the procedures from target identification to the final IND-enabling, conducted by experienced scientific staff. In addition, the subsequent sdAb development and characterization services can further meet the diverse study requirements of clients. With years of successful operation, Creative Biolabs has won itself a good reputation in the industry, which is fully prepared to help more clients conquer their problems in drug preclinical R&D and disease study.

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