Web design: The industry focus is shifting to experience touchpoints

July 27 14:37 2021

Jul 26, 2021 – Several reports suggest a rising awareness of UX among web designers. It’s also a term that is now thrown around more often.

The web design industry is no more limiting itself to designing web pages. The focus is fast shifting towards designing experiences around customers and touchpoints.

The switch to UX is a noteworthy change in the web design industry. For years, website designers focused solely on delivering webpages built around the product, service, or idea. However, an ever-increasing number of them, and especially renowned agencies, are now looking towards making the switch from web design to UX or user experience design.

Working on customer touchpoints or points of interaction between the website, app, or portal and the customer is a key and strategic technique of designing websites that function better, build an emotional connect, and help people remember and advocate a brand, business, company, or organization.

These touchpoints can be something as simple as an Add to Cart button or the most important CTA on the page. Interactive, fast, responsive, and animation-based websites are growing in popularity. The purpose around which these are designed is a greater user experience and improved user satisfaction.

The driving principle behind this shift towards user experience is the fact that navigating on and using a website should be the same as interacting with a product and in some cases, even using a product. If the experience is not up to par or if it’s not satisfactory enough then the business loses out.

Additionally, bad web design such as spammy pop-ups, bad legibility, blocked content, slow-loading pages, unrefined formatting, bad choice of colors, and so on can interfere with the hassle-free usage of a website and the navigation within.

This is the first problem that UX aims to solve. The idea that more and more web design agencies are adopting is that the user’s experience through a website should be clutter-free, well-guided, and hierarchical – making the entire process of completing a purchase, doing an activity, or performing an action on the website as smooth, easy, and fast as possible.

Many of these web design agencies also improve on the reliability aspect by further improving the satisfaction a user gets after accomplishing an action on a website. For example, animated ticks are a great way to provide visual confirmation as well as a feeling of accomplishment to the user.

Apart from such neat animations, agencies might also utilize more elaborate animations, parallax effects, high-end scripting functionality, sounds, and more. One great example of this trend can be seen on websites designed by many Phoenix web design agencies.

According to Frank Chimero, a published author and a Brooklyn-based designer, “People ignore design that ignores people.”

This tendency has been one of the core guiding principles of those working in the commercial branding, marketing, and advertising industries. It’s now increasingly seeping into the work culture of high-performance and popular web design companies as well.

This shift from design to UX design is a much-needed customer-centric edge that the world always needed.

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