Alexus Her, Little Miss Wisconsin US Nation 2021

July 27 15:48 2021

Alexus Her is an 8-year-old aspiring model from Manitowoc, WI. Her passions include modeling, making arts and crafts, designing clothes, cooking, and spending time with her family. Alexus has always aspired to be a famous model and fashion designer. “I love to model, love to create new clothing looks and designs, and I am very passionate and determined about growing my career as a model and fashion designer”, says Alexus.

So far, Alexus has learned from modeling the importance of believing in yourself, having self-confidence, and appreciating a family that supports you. Modeling has helped Alexus have better self-esteem, as she has always been bullied for not being skinny like other kids she goes to school with. Her role models are her mother, Michelle Lor, and her grandmother Barbara Zipper because they support and believe in her.

In school, Alexus enjoys science because she loves experiments and learning about the stars and planets. Some of Alexus’ goals are to become a famous model and fashion designer.

Seeing her friend, Bindi Evans having a clothing line for kids and women, gave her even more inspiration to pursue the same. What makes Alexus unique is that at a very young age (only 4 years old), she and her sister saved their grandfather’s life when a 1,500-pound tire fell on him while changing the brakes on his tractor; between her and her sister, they were both able to pull him out from under the tire until the paramedics arrived.

As Little Miss Wisconsin US Nation 2021- Alexus hopes to be a voice for young ones that are bullied because of their weight, she would like to show them that all you need is to believe in yourself and never give up no matter what anyone says about you. Alexus would like to change the stereotype in modeling and pageantry that you have to look a certain way; it’s all about how you carry yourself and your personality.

You can support Alexus’ journey to ultimately the Little Miss Nation Universe crown. Alexus is currently seeking sponsorships for her reign. Your business, product, or service can be exposed to thousands of Fashion and Beauty industry professionals worldwide at our special Fashion Weeks events, publications, social media, and more. For more details, please contact media relations.

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