Jianning Lianhai Terraces certified as the world’s largest by WRCA

July 27 21:25 2021

Located in Jianning County, Fujian Province, China, the terraced lotus field, known as Lianhai Terraces – literally translated to “a sea of lotus growing on terraced fields” – has been certified as the largest of its kind in the world by WRCA, a brand under the UK-based World Record Certification Limited on 22nd July, 2021.

Stretching over 73 hectares and rising from an altitude of 288 to 367 meters, the Lianhai Terraces is one of the most beautiful places in China to appreciate flowers. In early summer, lotus leaves on the terraces are eager to emerge from the water, and unfurl their beauty.

Jianning County is located in the middle section of Wuyi Mountain. The high terrain with its unique microclimate is perfect for growing high-quality lotuses. Lotuses have been planted here for thousands of years.

The Lianhai Terraces are known as the “Best Lotus” and are listed as a tribute treasure. There are about 3,300 hectares of lotus flowers here, which produces more than 4,000 tons of seeds every year.

In July, the lotus blossom season, the layers of lotus fields become shrouded in mist, creating an enchanted landscape. July and August is the peak period for lotus seeds. The temperature difference between day and night can reach more than 53 degrees Fahrenheit, which provides excellent conditions for the accumulation of nutrients in the lotus seeds and encourages their expansion and plumpness. 

The Lianhai Terraces are mostly cultivated in paddy fields in the mountains. The mountains spring water flows down, bringing trace elements to the soil, irrigating the lotus fields at the foot of the mountain all the year round. As a result. the well nourished Lotuses of Jianning have large seedpods, grow well and yield high-quality lotus seeds. At this time of year, lotus seedpods fill the local markets. Peel the lotus seeds, and you experience the unique lotus fragrance.

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