Niupipo Continues to Dominate on and off Professional Courts

July 28 00:34 2021

PICKLEBALL is generally becoming a low-impact activity with an even lower barrier of entry, and all the gears really needed to play outside are a paddle and some balls. In the summer of 2021, the popularity of pickleball has increased rapidly, and Niupipo continues to occupy Amazon’s most popular paddle list Top 1, more than 100,000 fans joined the Niupipo user family this summer.

Why Niupipo is so popular? Because Niupipo knows what kind of paddle is really needed by pickleball fans.

Niupipo has made the qualified paddles more approachable, more affordable, and geared for recreational players. As experts say, they rarely recommend true beginner paddles to anyone, because even those who only play semi-regularly will likely grow out of them too quickly. People who have decided to buy their own pickleball paddle are often buying for life. No one wants to spend $50 then have to come back and spend $100 more shortly after.

According to a survey of fans, athletes and professional equipment sellers, a good paddle needs to meet the following characteristics:

First and foremost, novices should look for something lightweight that makes it easier for them to perfect their form and move across a court. (All of the paddles below weigh between 7.8 and 8.5 ounces, which is typically seen as on the lighter side.) In terms of size, beginners will want paddles with a large – but not too large – face, which will make it easier to find your sweet spot, or the area toward the center of a paddle every player should be trying to hit the ball with. The last thing they note you’ll want to consider is a paddle’s handle or grip; the ideal grip will “allow a player to essentially lock their hand in place and relax the rest of the arm with relative ease,” Around 4.25 is the most common size and a good place to start. Niupipo accurately meets these needs.

A closer look at best Niupipo beginner / intermediate paddles





A closer look at Pro paddle “Explorer”

For Pro player, those who are able to rally with moderate power and consistency. They want a paddle that complements their developing style, whether it be grinding out long points from the baseline or banging forehand winners from a dead sprint. Here is the paddle that should be looking at across the most important categories:

Niupipo Explorer Paddle

This paddle was built for the tornadic and angular mechanics of the modern game. Players looking to hit spin-loaded balls that drop hard and explode off the court will love how fast this stick whips through contact. Although it is weighted for intermediate players, the Pure Aero transcends ability level, making it as good for the dedicated beginner as it is for the wily veteran in the market for speed and spin.

For a professional sports brand, innovation is the essential spirit. Niupipo pickleball paddles apply many advanced technology in making good paddles. Niupipo also invites top athletes to participate in product development to make prefect pickleball equipment. Perfect products speak loudly for the brand, the same goes for the great user experience. Niupipo provides a systematic after-sales membership services, including voice support with instant response, mail system, and additional warranty time for registered members. If people want to know what is the difference between Niupipo and those long-established top sports brands, there may be only one answer, the time.

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