WIMI’s AI Vision Enterprise Develops Its Ecological Layout, Fierce Competition in the 5G/AI Industry

July 29 03:42 2021

2021 is the second year that 5G technology will be commercialized. AI is in a critical period of development. With the evolution of 5G/AI technology, more diversified applications will also usher in an explosion. How will 5G/AI empower society? What impact will the application of artificial driving, voice recognition, digital avatar, virtual imaging, image processing, smart home, smart manufacturing, and other fields have on the lives of ordinary people?


AI is applied in all walks of life, and major companies are competing for layout. Operators of major companies are also thinking about how to better adapt to the development needs of the society, and usher in the spring of development? With the adjustment of entrepreneurship policy, the needs of startup companies have become complex and diverse. In addition to more profound requirements for basic services, the third element of AI virtual services has also entered the public eye. Multi-ecological integration of visual, auditory, text, and other modal information can break the input and output limitations of a single-mode, and thus get closer to the real human habits. For AI interactive products, only the comprehensive utilization of multiple ecological information can understand human needs more accurately.

Under this demand situation, it is necessary for companies to understand market needs or potential business opportunities. Just because businesspeople have more needs and expectations for multi-ecological spaces, computer AI vision holographic cloud service provider WIMI hopes to achieve AI multi-ecological needs and diversified applications of virtual service functions, maximize value, and become a holographic cloud platform with potential and international influence. For this, WIMI first considers that more technical talents will cover the core capabilities of AI and the development of the platform, so that more industry technicians will become innovative appliers of the industry. In this way, AI can become popular in various fields and reach the stage of “no industry without AI”, so that the participation of every industry has the shadow of AI participation.

Interpretation of WIMI’s AI application program

This is not a requirement for AI practitioners at the bottom, but a higher requirement. Only by making the basic capabilities and platforms of AI better, can industry IT technicians and industry experts do more in-depth industry innovations and representative research results of the industry on the platform. In order to implement this mission, WIMI has conducted in-depth cooperation with academic circles, explored cutting-edge AI technologies with domestic and foreign scholars, promoted the implementation of the industry, and published research results. It specially established the Academy of Sciences to continue to increase AI cutting-edge technology research and reached strategic partnerships with scholars from research institutions to explore disruptive emerging technologies together.

In 2020, the WIMI Holographic Academy of Sciences established by the research teams in Shenzhen and Beijing will serve as a bridge for collaborative innovation between WIMI Hologram Cloud and scholars from top universities or research institutions in the world. It will promote cutting-edge research in computer science, holography, quantum computing, AI vision, and other related fields for actual industry scenarios and the future world. With the provision of research funds, business experiment scenarios, and other necessary support, the WIMI Holographic Academy of Sciences has opened four major research topics, that is, holographic computing science, holographic communication science, micro-integration science, and holographic cloud science. Relying on the team strength of the WIMI Holographic Academy of Sciences, WIMI and outstanding scholars from universities or scientific research institutions at home and abroad explore the unknown AI cutting-edge technology and create a sustainable and win-win AI industry-university-research cooperation ecosystem. WIMI Holographic computer vision AI synthetic image information acquisition precision is much higher than the industry level, and computer holographic vision AI synthesis processing capabilities are also far better than the industry average. WIMI holographic computer vision display sets multiple parameter dimensions to accurately control imaging, achieving high-fidelity simulation effects, leading the industry average.

Such achievements can be described as industry leaders, but WIMI Hologram Cloud has not been established for a long time. As the first share of the holographic concept listed on Nasdaq, WIMI was established in 2015 and has achieved remarkable results. At present, WIMI Hologram Cloud has the world’s leading 3D computer vision technology and SAAS platform technology. WIMI uses AI algorithms to turn ordinary images into holographic 3D content, which is widely used in holographic advertising, holographic entertainment, holographic education, holographic communication, and other fields. Since its establishment, it has been engaged in the research of related technologies in the AI virtual industry. Technologies such as speech synthesis and image processing have laid the foundation for AI virtual ecological technology.

WIMI develops AI-related products

As a leading domestic science and technology enterprise, WIMI aims at in-depth R&D and market application in all aspects of holographic 3D computer vision collection, AI synthesis, transmission, presentation, and application. Up to now, WIMI’s holographic AI face recognition technology, AI face-changing technology, and holographic real-time imaging technology with an atomized particle size of 2-4μm are being applied in the existing holographic industry. WIMI invested in the development of the holographic AI face recognition system. Its advantage is that it can be recognized as intuitively as the human eye, and it will become a high-precision three-dimensional face recognition device. The identification time only takes one second, and it will quickly identify. In addition, it can also come in handy when you are registering the system. For example, when uploading ID card materials, the recognition time is only 2 seconds. Such consequences will further increase the application scenarios of face recognition. Moreover, no complicated and cumbersome procedures are required, and face recognition can be quickly realized regardless of people’s age or height.

In WIMI’s AI face recognition operation, the target customers mainly include the government, enterprises, and individuals. WIMI can provide a variety of products, such as security products, technology terminal products, as well as social and mobile-related products. With the improvement of the holographic face library and the reduction of equipment costs, the holographic AI face technology will be more applied to various industries, obviously, there is a huge market space. At present, there are still core problems that plague the industry in the field of face recognition, but the AI face recognition system of WIMI will be able to optimize the processing.

WIMI further proposed that the research of AI face-changing system technology is also well recognized by the industry. Based on the current image processing and image recognition technology in the industry, the AI video face replacement is further proposed. For example, to replace the face seen in the video with any face, it can be implemented arbitrarily using python technology. First, extract the face of B through the Scr (replacement) video, extract the face of A through the dst (replacement) video, and use GAN training to build a model of B face transformation A face. And then, convert each frame of dst video, replace the face of each frame, synthesize the video, and add the original audio to synthesize the new video. In this way, the same person can achieve different holographic AI face-changing effects.

The cloud platform built by WIMI provides video holographic AI face-changing cloud service tools. That is, users only need to upload videos or pictures that require holographic AI face-changing on the WIMI platform, WIMI uses the cloud server to convert them, and then the user selects the graphics card according to the model to complete the video AI face-changing conversion. If the user only provides a part of the photo, the face still can be replaced. The platform automatically cuts out the image, recognizes the face from each frame of the picture, and generates a face animation with a blank transparent layer in the background. The most surprising thing about this technology is that it can easily complete the holographic AI face change function when the angle of the face is inconsistent. Using the latest face feature point detection package, it uses a face mesh model with more than 400 feature points to adjust the detail parameters to achieve the AI face change effect.

On the basis of the existing platform products, WIMI has obtained a patent for real-time imaging of holographic AI with an atomized particle size of 2-4μm. The holographic real-time imaging system provided by WIMI has the beneficial effect of using a spatial light modulator to replace the traditional holographic dry plate, generating a digital hologram by a computer and realizing the real-time optical reproduction function of the hologram. Compared with the traditional optical holographic technology, it has the advantages of computer interface, convenient operation, and real-time display. The electrostatic atomization of WIMI splits the atomization through the interaction of electric field force, charge Coulomb force, droplet surface tension, and viscous force. Compared with other atomization methods, holographic electrostatic atomization has the advantages of small atomization particle size, single particle size, and wide spatial dispersion. The atomization of different particle sizes can be obtained by controlling different algorithm parameters. Holographic electrostatic atomization will be widely used in medicine, industry, environment, transportation, electrostatic imaging, 3D printing, and electric vehicles in the future.

In the future, WIMI will strengthen independent research and development of enterprises around AI hotspot applications, industry achievements exploration, and technical practice, and further maintain its leading position in technology, improve its product matrix, and provide everyone with the latest artificial intelligence concepts, product technologies, solutions, and practices experience. Now that the AI market is in a critical period of development, coupled with the support of 5G mobile networks, and the evolution of 5G/AI technology, it is believed that rich and diversified applications will be the mainstream layout direction.

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