Avatar’s Journey From 2 Failed Startups to A Successful Branding Entrepreneur

July 29 14:56 2021
Avatar’s Journey From 2 Failed Startups to A Successful Branding Entrepreneur

A civil engineer by education, Avatar, was always fascinated by the field of entrepreneurship. He stepped out of the league of doctors and engineers, broke the chains of the typical Indian family expectations, and set foot into the aggressive world of startups. From being a founder of 2 failed startups to receiving various certifications from Startup India, the digital marketer and entrepreneur have come a long way.

Currently, Avatar Tripathi runs a renowned media agency for international clients. He also provides trainers and coaches elite branding and advertisement services. He recognizes the fact that trainers and coaches of different domains lack the essential branding skills. Therefore, he aims to provide assistance and expand his branding services to national as well as international trainers and coaches.

While working with his mentor, Jitesh Manwani, Avatar learned the fact that trainers lack the relevant branding and advertisement skills. He took his interest in this fact a step further by working for trainers and coaches of different domains for free. It was only then that he witnessed his branding services were making an incredible difference. And also, that he could help the needful trainers and coaches by providing them the right ingredients to success.


There are millions of certified trainers and coaches out there. All of them are focused on selling not only themselves but also their training sessions. You can say they are all targeting the same audience at the end of the day. From marketing, sales, team building, leadership, health, handling personal finances to creating wealth, most trainers and coaches deliver more or less related content. So, what sets them apart? Well, the simple answer is branding and advertisement.

Avatar focuses on his niche, i.e., Trainers and Coaches by helping them establish their public identity and giving them a different tagline and logo. He is concerned with maintaining their market reputation and position. And helps them hold an impactful impression in their audience or clients’ minds. He helps them build their personal brand name, create expectations in their target audience’s mind about the skills, values, experience, and how it would feel like to work with that particular coach or trainer.

Avatar believes branding is the topmost part when it comes to launching any service or any product. Trainers and coaches of different domains have a lot of worthwhile content to share. But what they lack is the right branding and advertisement skills. And that’s what drags them behind their competitors. He believes the perfect match of graphics, videos, and content can enhance the overall look and feel of a trainer’s services.

Avatar loves listening to podcasts and reading self-help books. He finds a lot of inspiration and learns a lot from these particular hobbies. He has also been awarded under 35under35 Best Digital Marketer in Madhya Pradesh and featured on Entrepreneurs of India.

Soon, Avatar has plans to do branding and advertisement webinars, launch some beneficial and insightful coaches for his niche clients, and do a lot more work for his niche community.

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