With three bestsellers in less than a year, make way, the Queen of wisdom, Dhi is here

July 29 15:03 2021
With three bestsellers in less than a year, make way, the Queen of wisdom, Dhi is here
Saudamini Mishra a.k.a. Dhi, in a rare feat, has published three best sellers in less than a year,  with her books generally selling out like hot cakes even before they are officially released.

Writing in genres that so far have been uncommon, namely parables and oracles, that encapsulate her popular brand of wisdom, Saudamini, affectionately called ‘Dhi’ (the name of her alter ego and the narrator of her works which means the ‘intellect’ in Sanskrit), has developed a fan base that invariably eagerly awaits her next book packed with her epiphanies and incredible knowledge. They like to call themselves ‘Dhi-ites’.

“I don’t preach. I only attempt to help people cope, by using what I have learnt from my experiences and those of others. Doing the right thing isn’t always about doing that which is the social norm, au contraire, most of the times, it’s about doing something wise despite it, for the larger good”, Saudamini states categorically. 
Having been an award-winning, internationally exhibiting artist and illustrator as well, Saudamini creates the stunning covers of her books which instantly attract buyers, herself.

Her third book, which is based on her unique system of numerology, termed Oracle Numerology, combines the method of guidance employed by oracles and the prosaic rationality of the symbolism of numbers. The interplay between the two and their manifestation has been meticulously observed by Saudamini over the years before she put it down on paper.

“This book is based on my realisation that our unique, divine gift of intuition and the undeniable yet uncanny governance of numbers over this universe can come together to guide us in a way that eases our journey in this world as we fulfil our soul mission on here”, explains the sagacious Dhi.

With so many of her Dhi-ites seeking out her wise counsel and advice, Saudamini will now begin to give paid consultations of the same.  Not too different from the Oracle at Delphi, ladies and gentlemen, we have here our very own contemporary oracle whom we can bank on for direction – Dhi, the queen of wisdom.

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