Author & Speaker Shantial Dean Releases a New Memoir “I Survived the Struggles”

July 29 18:20 2021
The recently released book by Shantial chronicles the struggles she dealt with while homeless, reflects on the violence in personal relationships, familial conflicts that she faced & describes how she eventually turned those hardships into a new life, one that’s full of peace and stability.

“Shantial’s I Survived the Struggles” is a tale of personal triumph and human endurance. In the book, the author reveals the details of her life during and after homelessness, talks about her struggles with the violent relationships that she’s encountered, and talks about disputes with her family. However, that’s not what her memoir is all about. Instead, the writer and speaker recount the story of how she overcame these challenges and found her way into a life of hope and inspiration.

In this revelatory memoir, Shantial digs deep into the past and starts with her roots in poverty to finding self-expression through writing. From abusive relationships and family neglect to experiencing the drug-dealing lifestyle to being a celebrated author and inspirational speaker for the youth the book explores the worst and the best phases of author’s life. It was in Shantial’s darkest moments where her passion for writing was born. Today, after having overcome homelessness and abuse, she is a published author of multiple books.

Anyone who has ever experienced heartbreak, disappointment, or a general feeling of failure, can relate to this book personally. The author tells the story of how she failed numerous times in life — but she never gave up, and by the end of the book, the readers will feel inspired to become a better version themselves. In addition, the book explains how to reconcile life’s difficulties with its opportunities, how to find the empowering moments in even the most trying of challenges, and how to take experiences that could have been disastrous and turn them into something life-changing and positive.

Every day, people worldwide face their unique challenges, and with perseverance, they overcome them to achieve amazing feats. Some of these people are famous; others are not. But all of them have a story that needs to be told, and this is mine. I have written this book to motivate people to keep going through the bad times; you’ll find a silver lining at the end of every storm.” – said Shantial Dean, author of Shantial’s I Survived the Struggles.

Shantial is a storyteller at heart and a young woman of many talents. She loves reading, writing, and creating content that will make people feel like they’ve just had an experience. She’s a speaker at events for the young generation and has spoken about her passion for creating strong details in her writing, and this new work is a perfect depiction of it. The book is available for purchase on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions starting from $8.99. Grab a copy today!

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