Hip Hop Artist & Entrepreneur ORTEGAGOTGAME Sets up Own Record Label and Clothing Line

July 30 20:44 2021
The Mexican-American rapper has built a name with riveting performances dripping creativity and rapping about his life experiences. To pursue more creative paths, he’s building a record label, “Nasty City Records”, & started a fashion brand “, Nasty City.”

Martin Ortega is a multi-faceted artist and a young entrepreneur hailing from National City, California, who can truly say he’s made it. Thanks to his powerful online presence, he’s already secured a large fan base with an enviable amount of creative interchange with both musicians and producers. The Mexican/American rapper is one of the most versatile and active artists in the SANDIEGORAP music scene. The rapper has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of hip-hop music on Soundcloud and gaming, but he’s also contributed to numerous twitch streams and live events in the past year.

ORTEGA has a rare combination of talents: he’s both an independent artist, has a keen eye for business and has language fluency in English and Spanish. This duality allowed him to create perfect records in these languages helping him reach a variety of demographics with his music, including musicians, gamers, producers, and Latino music fans alike. Ortega’s artistry is well on its way to reaching far beyond any one niche. Ortega stands out from the pack with a crisp production style paired with an ethereal, emotional approach to underground rap.

Martin Ortega Jr, aka ORTEGAGOTGAME, has demonstrated his mastery over the Latin trap scene and continually reinvented himself. Whether he’s working with other artists in music, he’s always pushing forward and making something new. It’s his ability to connect with people that helped him become a more well-known figure online. His vibrant personality and passion for creativity keep him going wherever he goes! 

The Mexican Artist collaborates with other artists and rappers to keep his work fresh, and his audience entertained. Ortega has worked with a number of different featured artists — from rappers like Doggystyleee and Cristion Dior to musical artists like Young Gee and Rossi Rock; his music is anything but generic. Instead, Ortega’s music is an inescapable chillwave trap fusion with a bilingual delivery. The Mexican artist incorporates rhythmic instrumentals and slick beats that perfectly complement his rapid-fire, bi-lingual rapping.

ORTEGA GOTGAME can do things. He makes music, records and mixes soundtracks and endeavors to provide the best entertainment possible for the fans who follow him on Twitch — he’s an engineer, a businessman, a content creator, a former athlete. His hands are in a lot of projects at once. He takes inspiration from experiences in his life and loves music and fashion and turning his love for music into a business. 

After creatively expressing his hip hop career and establishing a loyal following, he turned his passion into a business by creating an independent record label called Nasty City Records, offering a range of services including Studio Time, Mixing & Mastering, Photography/Video and Social Media Marketing/Promotion. In addition, ORTEGAGOTGAME is establishing a clothing brand, “Nasty City” that celebrates hip hop culture and is currently featuring his own-brand merchandising with many new designs in the pipeline.

For more information and updates, visit ORTEGAGOTGAME official website & https://nastycityrecords.com.

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