Creative Diagnostics Introduces Nanoparticle Synthesis Services

July 31 02:18 2021
Creative Diagnostics introduces a series of custom Nanoparticle Synthesis Services for biological science researchers.

New York, USA – July 30, 2021 – With years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life science sector, Creative Diagnostics now introduces various custom Nanoparticle Synthesis Services for biological science researchers, including the Surface Modification, Fluorescence Labeling, Size and Shape Customization, Biomolecule Conjugation, and Dye/Drug Delivery that aim to meet clients’ specific and unique requirements.

Offering full set of expertized solutions for Micro-/Nanomaterial research and development, and fabricating and processing, Creative Diagnostics has established multifunctional Micro-/Nanoparticle Manufacturing Platforms to support various types of research such as biological, chemical, and medical sciences. In recent years, Creative Diagnostics also develops solutions for the contract projects of custom Micro-/Nanoparticle fabrication, kg scale production, and cooperative research and development involving a broad range of materials.

“We’ll develop a customized plan from initial discussion with each client for their target applications to optimization procedure by our experienced specialists. We pay more attention to the requirements that are most important to our clients so we can be more constructive and cost-effective to meet our customer expectations. After years of effort, we’ve assembled a complete set of characterization and manufacturing equipment that allows us to maintain cost efficiency and compliance.” said Dr. Jessica Waldorf, chief scientific officer of R&D department, at Creative Diagnostics.

Creative Diagnostics specializes in fabricating Micro-/Nanomaterials such as magnetic particles, gold nanoparticles, silica particles, polymer particles, and quantum dots, and now offers a wide selection of various custom services, such as Surface Modification, Fluorescence Labeling, Size and Shape Customization, Biomolecule Conjugation, and Dye/Drug Delivery.

For instance, Creative Diagnostics offers well-established solutions for custom surfaces. Surface modification is a universal tool that has been widely used in material science and engineering and has significantly changed the characteristics of micro-/nanoparticles in their applications. At Creative Diagnostics, all material formats could be customized to possess specific functional groups, polymers, biomolecules surface, or inorganic coatings. Creative Diagnostics can provide Custom Polymers as PEG with length and MW changings, and various types of particles modified with Custom Functional Groups, such as amino acids, azides, alkyne, hydrazide, DBCO, quercetin, and heparin, to fit different purposes.

In addition, Creative Diagnostics will provide clients with regular reports, and conference calls to share the latest data and results, then discuss experimental details and answer questions. “We will set options for next move, collaboratively confirm project directions and make strategic decisions. We dedicate to select the appropriate performance criteria according to the end product’s requirements to develop high quality, high production and yield, as well as high reproducibility of manufacturing and processing methods.” said Jessica.

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About Creative Diagnostics

Creative Diagnostics is a global leading manufacturer and supplier of various nanoparticles, microparticles and their coatings for R&D and commercialization in a wide variety of application areas including in vitro diagnostics, biochemistry, cellular analysis, cell separation, and immunoassay. It also offers various custom services including chemical surface-functionalized, fluorescent modification, antibody immobilization, nucleic acid and oligo conjugation to meet clients’ specifications.

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