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November 08 19:46 2021

If people are mining, or are interested in mining, especially ETC/ETH mining

Be sure to read this article, because it is the “secret of wealth”.

The Three high-efficiency, mass-produced ETH/ETC Asic mining machines — Jasminer series developed and produced by sunlune:


This black aluminum brick weighs only 4.8 kg, no cooling fan, no noise. The hashrate is 65MH/s±10%, 30W±10%, and the power consumption/hashrate ratio is 0.48W/M.

it is the Ethereum Classic blockchain computing power brick product officially developed based on Jasminer X4 chip, a unique product brought to the world by Sunlune.

Its typical feature is fanless design, which brings great convenience. It can be put at home, in living room, or bedroom, or office.

Just put the power plug in, connect it to the Internet, Convenient and easy to use, Operating temperature below 40°C,continuously making contribution of computing power silently for very long time, daily power consumption less than 1kwh. Unlike ordinary graphics cards, which need to be inserted into the slot of desktop computer to provide computing power, this brick is very simple to use. With the weight of 4.8 kg, it is not easy to move and very stable; considering the safety of use, the edges and corners are wrapped with plastic.

Official relevant data:

Application:for home and office use

Advantage: fanless design, low power design, customized for family use


If people have not been told that it is an asic miner, they might think of it as a standard “1U” server or something.

It seems to be an IDC server, but it is also an asic mining rig. The hashrate of Eth/ETC is 520MH/s±10%, power consumption is 240W±10%, and the power consumption per MH/s is 0.48W. It have built-in fans, and quieter than regular asic miner.

Compared to GPU mining rigs,the biggest feature of Jasminer X4-1U ETCHASH SERVER

is“equal the power consumption, six times the hashrate scale”, With such high performance, electricity consumption ratio is only 3%. Jasminer X4—1U maximizes server use space and costs, provides users with flexible and convenient expansion and upgrade means, and greatly improves the operability of the system.

Official relevant data:

Application: for IDC room and home use

Advantage: built-in mute fan, low power consumption, small size, 1U server appearance


Here comes the last machine, which is also the most powerful one of the three mining rigs, JASMINER X4 ETCHASH SERVER, a typical aisc mining rig provides hashrate of 2500MH/s and power consumption of 1200W±10%. This machine use same chips,but due to its powerful functions, it also includes 2 coolant fans and 1 built-in psu.

JASMINER X4 server is equipped with 40 chips, work stable, high hashrate, with only electricity and Internet access needed,with user interface friendly, simple operation, working temperature below 40℃, Can easily adapt to different environments. The power consumption per MH/s of JASMINER X4 server is 0.48w, and the daily hashrate benefit is about 160 dollar, and the daily power consumption is less than 30 kwh. On the premise of meeting the high load and large data operation, the efficiency and optimization of energy management are realized.

Official relevant data:

Application:mining farm

Advantage:high hashrate、low power consumption

The above are the three jasminer mining rigs developed and produced by Sunlune. For seizing this opportunity, please go to the official website (

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