Molecular Future CMO Speaks at Global Distributed Cloud Storage Summit and Points to Future Directions

May 24 18:51 2022

Held in the United Arab Emirates, the Global Distributed Cloud Storage Summit 2021 (DCS2021) features TED Talk debates, live studio performances and engaging blockchain events to discuss how distributed storage breaks down the barriers plaguing traditional digital storage solutions, and to explore the underlying blockchain technologies around the hottest and most cutting-edge projects in the industry, such as DAO token logic, NFT games and blockchain real estate, in order to help build the blockchain industry ecosystem.

During the summit, Grigorij Richters, CMO of Molecular Future, expressed some of his views on the future development of blockchain technology, “At present, blockchain is a technology-driven industry, and various blockchain technologies are emerging. It is necessary to accelerate advanced research and core breakthroughs of blockchain technology, to organize and implement technology research projects based on blockchain architecture, hardware and software collaboration, distributed storage, database, security and privacy, anonymous licensing and other areas. Blockchain technology will reshape the global industry and financial landscape within 5 years”.

In an interview with Blockchain News after the meeting, Grigorij Richters, CMO of Molecular Future, shared his thoughts and advice on blockchain platforms.

Grigorij Richters pointed out that “the main threats facing blockchain technology, platform and application ecosystem should be clarified, as well as the corresponding security system architecture, and security technology requirements should be proposed for each key module to form a blockchain security standard system. In-depth research on blockchain security risk detection and coping technology needs to be carried out. In view of different types of potential security problems in core blockchain technology and mechanism, platform architecture, application deployment, and so on, we should investigate countermeasure solutions covering all aspects of blockchain coding, operation, deployment and management, such as smart contract code audit, vulnerability detection, intrusion behavior analysis and other security technology means.”

As the world moves toward the use of blockchain digital assets, more and more traditional financial institutions are paying close attention to trends in the crypto finance space.

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