Appreciate the Long History of Shaanxi, “Recognize That Hero” Event Ended in Success

August 11 03:24 2022

Between July 31st and August 2nd, 2022, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism held an online event, “Recognize That Hero” on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. During this event, fans were invited to do terracotta-warriors-themed jigsaws. The profound cultural accumulation of Shaanxi and its achievements in cultural heritage protection were displayed to the world in a vivid, entertaining way.

Started with a “group photo” of terracotta warriors, the “Recognize That Hero” event provided fans with an opportunity to have a better understanding of terracotta warriors by the means of doing jigsaws. Lifelike terracotta warriors in various postures, and archeologists’ professionality and efforts are shown to the world. Though buried underground for over 2,000 years, terracotta warriors have never been forgotten. It is archeologists’ decades of hard work that has brought the remote yet splendid Qin civilization back to life.

In the following two days, jigsaws featuring images of a low-ranking military officer and a high-ranking military officer sculptures were released successively. The beard, the wrinkles, and the facial expression of the high-ranking officer sculpture are so vivid that he seemed to have traveled through time from the Qin Dynasty. His dignified, calm look unique to people of the Qin Dynasty manifests the superb craftsmanship of Qin artisans.

While playing the jigsaw game, fans could also appreciate the profound history and culture of Shaanxi by learning about the hairstyles, and the hair accessories such as single-board long caps and He feather caps of the military officer sculptures demonstrated by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism on the social media platforms.

Posts related to the “Recognize That Hero” event gained over 4.4 million impressions and over 110,000 interactions. It was successful publicity.

Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum and the terracotta warrior pits are collectively reputed as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. They are the gold-lettered signboards of Shaanxi’s culture and tourism. The Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism will keep organizing interesting online activities featuring “terracotta warriors” to present the brilliant history and culture of Shaanxi to the world. In the meantime, it will explore more culture-and-tourism-related projects showing the charm of Shaanxi, and let the world know and fall in love with Shaanxi via diverse marketing endeavors.

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