Kingdom Labs and GGWP.ID Announces Partnership to Bring Web3 Games into Esports Scene

October 04 02:26 2022

Kingdom Labs, a venture studio that incubates and invests in Web 3.0 projects, has announced a partnership with GGWP.ID to push Web3 games into the competitive esports scene in Southeast Asia. GGWP.ID is Indonesia’s leading multi-platform esports company, with over 6 million monthly visitors. The platform hosts daily tournaments for games such as Dota 2, Apex Legends, and League of Legends. To kick off the partnership, Kingdom Labs and GGWP.ID will launch streaming and tournaments for Kingdomverse and Purraria.  

Kingdomverse is a “Mobile Games Metaverse” that allows players to play across multiple mobile titles and bring their NFT items and characters back into a social hub. The first title Defend the Kingdom is a casual Tower Defence game. Players form teams of five heroes called “Legends” against waves of enemies in either a competitive or cooperative mode. The game’s economy and characters link back to the wider game ecosystem of Kingdomverse and items can be utilized back in the metaverse. 

GGWP.ID has partnered with Kingdom Labs to incubate a game-fi project called Purraria. Bridging Web2 gamers with Web3 technological advantage, Purraria is set to establish Gamer’s Utopia, a safe ecosystem where gamers can make a living and support themselves by doing things they love, playing games.

Purraria is an NFT-based PVP Tower Defense Battle that is designed to bring the Play-for-Fun and esports aspects into Web3. Players can join and play without any initial investment so they’re able to focus on strategizing and outplaying the opponent in a competitive 1v1 fashion. Adopting a casual esports approach, Purraria is a competitive game that is easy to learn, with 3 minutes maximum time per match

The development of Purraria is currently underway by GGWP.ID with the support of Kingdom Labs to encourage a smoother transition of Web 2.0 game experience into Web 3.0. This collaboration will open up a long-term strategic partnership not only between Kingdom Labs and GGWP.ID, but also between the game, Kingdomverse and Purraria, in the future.

This collaboration demonstrates that a casual mobile-metaverse ecosystem can work well with a comprehensive gaming experience, inspiring both Web2 and Web3 gaming industries. The game tournament will be live streamed among GGWP.ID’s 6 million monthly active users. These are only the first two titles to be pushed on the GGWP.ID platform, both parties are planning to support and promote more competitive Web 3 games in the future. 

About Kingdom Labs

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Kingdom Labs is a venture studio that focuses on incubating and investing in the most disruptive Web 3 companies. The company also partners with traditional Web 2.0 companies to help them venture to build or bridge their businesses into Web 3.0. Portfolio companies that Kingdom Labs have incubated and invested in include Kingdomverse, Worldspark Studios, Monkey Kingdom, and Purraria.  



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Established in 2017, GGWP.ID is an esports media and tournament platform for millennials and gen-z. GGWP.ID has the vision to Create Gamer’s Utopia. In every step, GGWP.ID wants to represent esports as something to be enjoyed by everyone.

The tournament platform functions to help esports enthusiasts find tournaments that are safe, reliable, and competitive to help them achieve their dream of becoming pro players.

Adapting to the fast-evolving technology, GGWP.ID is developing Purraria, an esports game-fi. Thanks to blockchain technology, Purraria is not only entertaining to play but also allows players from all over the world to safely compete and gain rewards by playing the game they love.  





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