Mastering the Law – Jed Kurzban’s Newly Released Book Offers Success Strategies for Budding Attorneys

May 05 23:20 2021

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA – May 5, 2021 – Attorney and author Jed Kurzban, Esq., has now released his new book, How Justice Is Served. His book is a magnum opus of advice, tips, and techniques that Jed has developed and refined throughout his extensive legal career. With a strong focus on serving the client, the book teaches budding attorneys how they can develop their personality in the courtroom and prepare a case that best protects their client and helps them get the justice that their client deserves.

How Justice Is Served is a highly comprehensive book that pertains to personal injury law. However, the cutting-edge techniques and lessons on compassion between attorney and client shared in the book can be applied to any field of legal practice. Jed has never been a dry attorney but uses humor and creativity to capture juries’ attention, as seen throughout the book. The book highlights ‘three phases’ or three steps that every attorney must go through to develop and fight a successful case. The first step is ‘Evaluation’. During this phase, a lawyer must diligently analyze all his prospects, listen to the client’s story, and build an initial theme for the case. The lawyer must then fine tune his work in the second phase, ‘Preparation’. A lawyer must question the client to find clarity in the case and adjust the theme as necessary. The final phase is ‘Litigation’, during which Jed teaches young attorneys how to take their case to court and close it successfully.

Jed Kurzban, Esq., is a highly experienced and sought-after U.S. lawyer with more than 25 years of professional experience. With a mission for positivity and compassion, he aims to help people and organizations find justice relating to personal injury cases, product liability cases, medical malpractice and more throughout Florida and the U.S. Having graduated from the University of Alabama and received his law degree from the University of Miami School of Law, Jed aims to share his knowledge and expertise with a large demographic of attorneys from all sorts of law backgrounds. He is highly proactive about creating a positive change in the world and helping good people overcome acts of injustice.

Having authored law school courses and academic journal articles, this book is Jed’s latest literary endeavor. With a highly unique approach, the book highlights the importance of personal development as a legal professional and helps attorneys get to the top by improving themselves and their practice. He is the managing partner in the renowned law firm of Kurzban, Kurzban, Tetzeli & Pratt. Jed Kurzban, Esq., is available for interviews.

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