Vortopt DR5 Water Purifier – Bring users a Brand New Water Purification Experience

November 08 13:08 2023

With a growing consciousness towards health, the demand for home water purifiers is on the rise. Among numerous water purifier brands, Vortopt DR5 under-sink Reverse Osmosis water purifier has emerged as a standout for its superior performance and unique design. It’s a top pick for mothers and children. This Baby Mineral Water Purifier is suitable for all ages and is designed to protect child’s healthy growth. Moreover, it’s set to launch on the Kickstarter website on November 8th. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the features of this water purifier,helping anyone gain a better understanding of this product.

1. Advanced filtering materials and unique filtering structure

Vortopt DR5 under sink Reverse Osmosis water purifier uses DuPont RO membrane with a filtering accuracy of 0.0001 microns, which can effectively filter heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses and other impurities in the water. The front PPC filter cartridge is composed of PP pleated cotton and carbon fiber carbon rod and equipped with 4-in-1 composite filter cartridge which can effectively block large particles such as iron rust, silt, and red insects and adsorb residual chlorine, discoloration and odd smell, organic pollutants. The rear carbon rod adds natural mineral filter material, making the filtered water rich in minerals beneficial to the human body, which distinguishes it from other similar products on the market.The quality of the mineral water is better than the international drinking water standards.

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2. Large capacity, fast flow rate, safe for the whole family to use

Vortopt DR5 under sink Reverse Osmosis water purifier has a 1000GPD 2.5L/min pure water flow rate, with sufficient water volume for various scenarios. It can be used for boiling water, washing food, cooking, and washing tableware without any problems. The whole family can use it safely.

3. Fully integrated water circuit system

Vortopt DR5 under sink Reverse Osmosis water purifier adopts integrated water circuit integration technology to reduce the piping joint and realize the separation of electricity and water, reducing the risk of leakage and failure. The no-tank design makes installation more convenient and faster.

4. Intelligent electronic screen display

Vortopt DR5 under sink Reverse Osmosis water purifier is equipped with an intelligent electronic screen display that can prompt the filter cartridge life expiration and display the pure water TDS value. In addition, it also has functions such as water production status, rinse button, filter cartridge reset, ROC filter cartridge reset and restart, making operation more convenient.

5. Quick filter cartridge replacement

Vortopt DR5 under sink Reverse Osmosis water purifier adopts a double filter cartridge front extraction design, which can be easy to replace the filter :One twist to replace the filter easily. This makes filter replacement more simple and convenient.

6. Intelligent faucet

Vortopt DR5 under sink Reverse Osmosis water purifier is equipped with an intelligent faucet that can monitor water quality in real time and prompt filter replacement. At the same time, it has three temperature adjustment functions to meet different needs.

7. Sturdy appearance and durable faucet

The body of Vortopt DR5 under sink Reverse Osmosis water purifier is made of ABS material, which is sturdy and beautiful. The faucet is made of 304 stainless steel material, which is more durable. The design of this water purifier is simple and elegant, suitable for various home styles.

Choosing Kickstarter as initial platform with the aim of gathering a large number of people who love technology and life through this platform, and we hoped to create resonance.

In summary, Vortopt DR5 under sink Reverse Osmosis water purifier brings a brand new water purification experience with its advanced filtering materials and unique filtering structure, baby Mineral Water Purifier,large capacity and fast flow rate, fully integrated water circuit system, intelligent electronic screen display, quick filter replacement, intelligent faucet, sturdy appearance and durable faucet. Choose Vortopt DR5 under sink Reverse Osmosis water purifier to make every family’s healthy life better!

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